- The Texarkana Friendship Center, Inc. - A Ministry of Southern Baptist Churches that renders life sustaining assistance to the impoverished poor, the homeless, the sick, the hungry, and those in family crisis
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The Texarkana Friendship Center is a non-profit care provider rendering life sustaining assistance to the indigent and job training and placement for able bodied clients without regard to religious preference, political affiliation, sex, race, handicap or other classification.
Texarkana Friendship Center, Inc. The strength of the Texarkana Friendship Center, is found in the programs that we offer to the needy citizens of our community. We pride ourselves on the life-changing services we provide to fill not only financial needs, but spiritual, physical and emotional needs as well. A shining example of the effectiveness of these programs is found in the many people that have graduated from our State Certified Assistant Nurse Training program since June 1, 2006. Every one of them has succesfully passed the State Board Exam and moved on to become productive citizens in our community. See the chart below for just a small example of the programs we offer.
State Certified Nurse Assistant Training This program, offered free-of-charge to TFCI clients, is conducted at the TFCI Learning Center located at 5th and Oak Street in Texarkana, Texas. This training is presented by state certified instructors and produced jobs for all 37 of our graduates in 2007. Your contributions help make this possible.
After-School Program Details are coming soon!!
Community Care We do not discriminate against any race, creed, handicap or religion at TFCI and consequently offer assistance to needy people that are unable to work. We serve meals daily at our location on West Fourth Street and have partnered with local businesses in a "voucher system" that allows us to provide a wide variety of services to needy people. These include, but aren't limited to, gasoline or bus tickets for stranded travelers, lodging and rent-help for the homeless, prescription medication (closely monitored) for the sick, utility payments for the elderly and low-income, diapers and baby-food for needy mothers, and countless other services. Our vouchers assure that the assistance we provide is used for it's intended purpose and help's us to be better stewards of the Lord's resources.
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