- The Texarkana Friendship Center, Inc. - A Ministry of Southern Baptist Churches that renders life sustaining assistance to the impoverished poor, the homeless, the sick, the hungry, and those in family crisis
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The Texarkana Friendship Center is a non-profit care provider rendering life sustaining assistance to the indigent and job training and placement for able bodied clients without regard to religious preference, political affiliation, sex, race, handicap or other classification.
Texarkana Friendship Center, Inc. The Texarkana Friendship Center would welcome the oppportunity to represent you and your congregation in handling the requests for benevolent assistance that come in to your church.

The number of "professionals" that prey upon the good will of churches is growing daily, making it difficult to know sometimes if we are being good stewards of the Lord's resources. Moreover, recent reports from some churches indicate undesirable and disturbing behavior in the church office area, as well as other areas of the Lord's House, by some of those seeking assistance.

The TFCI has a client database of over 25,000 names of individuals that we have dealt with, and therefore we can usually readily identify a would-be "abuser" of the system.

The TFCI proposes to represent your church in a thoroughly professional manner to your full and complete satisfaction, and this representation is available to churches at no extra cost over what they have already budgeted for benevolent services.

Rev. Bryan Bixler
Executive Director

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