- The Texarkana Friendship Center, Inc. - A Ministry of Southern Baptist Churches that renders life sustaining assistance to the impoverished poor, the homeless, the sick, the hungry, and those in family crisis
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The Texarkana Friendship Center is a non-profit care provider rendering life sustaining assistance to the indigent and job training and placement for able bodied clients without regard to religious preference, political affiliation, sex, race, handicap or other classification.
Thank you for visiting our website! Please look around and see what we're doing in Texarkana and the surrounding community.

Many think of the The Texarkana Friendship Center as merely a soup kitchen but in fact, we're much more than that. While it is true that the Center feeds an average of 180 people a day as well as providing groceries for over 14 families daily, this is just a small part of the ministry at The Texarkana Friendship Center (TFCI).

Hopefully our website will enable you to catch the vision of the incredible life-changing experiences that occur daily at the TFCI.

Our vocational training presently includes State Certified Nurse Assistant Training available free of charge.

The bottom line is to to help people who have in the past been unemployable be trained to work, earn a paycheck and become productive citizens.

Your consideration in supporting this work as a volunteer or financially is so greatly appreciated by so many who have little or no hope for tomorrow.

United Way
The United Way of America is one of our biggest supporters. You can visit their website to watch their video, view their brochure and get more information about participating in their annual Campaign.